Retailgraph Software

Simplify your business operation with RetailGraph for Retail & Distribution business

RetailGraph is an all-in-one software solution for Retail and Distribution business. It allows you to track sales, manage inventory, make billing easier and faster, create and send invoices, and let you know how your business is doing at any given time. It automates all your business processes and provides a fast-paced way of working with efficiency.

RetailGraph Software integrates with robust point-of-sale systems, which is used to process customer transactions, accept payments, and update inventory levels for a retail establishment. Also, the software has the functionality to view real-time pricing, inventory management, out-of-stock scenarios, sales and vendor performance, expiration, and return and wastage management modules. Now RetailGraph Software also facilitates its users with its innovative B2B/B2C (website/application) solutions. These solutions enhance the capability of contact-less businesses and provide greater convenience to end-users. This way, RetailGraph software is suitable for all business sizes — even for dealing with small, medium, large, and multi-location stores.

Access, Analyze & Reporting across the Chain

RetailGraph Software provides detailed reporting and analysis of the entire business operations. It gives you access to know about your business data and make you able to plan for your business strategies accordingly. Easy access and sharing of data enable excellent control across the chain of stores.